Message from the School Supervisor and Founder, Ms Adriana CHAN

Welcome to Spanish School of Hong Kong!


I am delighted to share my aspirations and visions for multilingual education.Firstly, I am a mother to two wonderful daughters and my daughters remain at the forefront of my motivation towards Spanish School of Hong Kong.

Many people ask why I made the leap from police officer to educator. Indeed, my tenure in the Hong Kong Police Force gave me the opportunity to see the problems that our youths were facing and the qualities that many of this younger generation seemed to lack. It also inspired me to look at the root of what’s wrong with education in Hong Kong. The problem does not merely stem from the education system in Hong Kong. Parental values and the thriving of keen competition in our society were also contributing factors. When I became a parent, I constantly asked myself – “What do I expect from my child?”

By listening to the concerns of worried parents, the success and “failure”stories of young adults, and reading several parenting guidebooks, I concluded, to succeed, my daughters would need to first have a love and passion for learning. Through learning, they can discover their interests and strengths, ultimately leading them to search for their dreams and aspirations.My hope is, with the solid foundation built from education, my daughters will have the capacity and courage to pursue their dreams. But most importantly, through the teachings of educators and family, they will be equipped with integrity, strong values, and a positive attitude in their every aspiration.

With this in mind, I set out to ensure my daughters would be enriched and fulfilled by education and learning. Firstly, I founded a kindergarten in 2013 where I could begin to implement my teaching philosophy and truly influence parents with my actions.

In 2014, I began to set the wheels in motion for the Spanish School of Hong Kong –a vision that would extend to primary and secondary education. However, it was easier said than done. Over the years, I experienced countless hardships and setbacks. There were times when I felt immensely drained and frustrated.But whenever I saw the smiling faces of my students, their parents, and heard their words of encouragement, I re-gained belief in the goals I was trying so hard to achieve.

I am truly grateful to the unconditional support from my family, my friends, my mentors, my students’ parents along this turbulent path. Most special thanks to the General Consulate of Spain and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce for their support throughout these years. SSHK would not have been a possible dream without your love and trust.

In conclusion, I hope that I can pass on the spirit of love and giving to all my students at SSHK. Through teaching and leading by example, our students learn to believe in themselves and all that is possible – if, and only if, we fully equip ourselves with determination and courage to overcome the challenges ahead.

Kind regards,

Adriana Chan

Founder and Supervisor

Message from the Honorary Supervisor, the late Professor David C.L. LIU

I am most honoured and pleased to have the opportunity to join the SSHK family in the capacity of Honorary Supervisor.

Upon witnessing the birth of a new life, the first, the most important and the everlasting wish we desire for this new citizen of the world is “to grow in a healthy, happy, boundless and rewarding way.”

School is just one of the many, yet pivotal, places in one’s life where one grows. I wish and shall strive to make SSHK a wonderful haven for everyone’s growth – be he/she a student, a teacher, the principal, the Supervisor, or the Honorary Supervisor.

Learning enables and sustains our growth. At SSHK, we shall learn not just from books and recordings, but also from the ever-changing outside world – and most importantly from each other. May the educational opportunities we offer here help us to fulfil the wish that all those who gain an SSHK experience become kind, contributing, upright, and happy citizens of a brave new world.

David Liu

Honorary Supervisor