Spanish School of Hong Kong (SSHK) 

At SSHK, our students are continuously encouraged to learn and grow in an inspiring and ambitious environment, by enabling students to develop an aptitude for leadership, communication skills, independent thinking,creativity, community spirit, and morality.

Opened in 2017, SSHK is located in Shuen Wan, in the heart of the Tai Po community. The school site is comprised of 130,000 square footage, 8,000 of which are allocated to the existing building area. SSHK is located next to the mountainous region of Pat Sin Leng Country Park, overlooking the South China Sea, allowing families a taste of tranquility from the bustling Hong Kong lifestyle. To utiise the natural beauty of the area, the school site has been designed to promote an active learning environment both inside and outside of the classroom. Thus, offering a unique learning experience to inspire innovative and critical thinkers.

As educators, we are committed to achieving educational excellence in our teaching practice. It is our passion for education that leads us to discover, unleash, and empower our students to freely express their ideas, to orientate their actions towards clear goals, and to work effectively with others in a Plural, Global, and Interactive World.