Reception to Primary Programme (Year 6)


SSHK follows Cambridge Primary Curriculum with modifications to cater to the needs of our students and society. By offering Cambridge Primary, we can provide a broad and balanced education for our students, helping them to thrive throughout their schooling, work, and life. With five core subjects and five foundation subjects, students will find plenty of opportunities to develop creativity, expression, and well-being in a variety of ways.

In addition, we offer Cambridge Primary alongside Madrid national curriculum and local curriculum. Students in SSHK can learn Spanish as a first language and Chinese as a first language. We also offer Spanish and Chinese as a foreign language for students without prior knowledge of these two languages. Researches show that multilingual education can help students develop a strong language foundation and foster their intellectual development in the long run.

Reception to Year 6 Curriculum Overview

Core subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • Chinese

Non-Core subjects:

  • Physical education
  • Music
  • Art amd Design
  • Computing
  • Global Perspective
  • Leadership
SPIS Primary Programme


To ensure learning at SSHK is enjoyable and effective at the same time, we will conduct assessments with our students, when required by the curriculum, to ascertain that our students have all reached or even exceeded the curriculum objectives. Apart from formative and summative assessments by teachers and the Cambridge Progress tests for each class, there are also external assessments for certain year groups.

Age Year Stage Assessment
10–11 Year 6 KS 2 Cambridge Primary Checkpoint
assessments in English, Maths,
Science and Global Perspectives